Roger Ballen


“I always compare myself to a cat... when you watch a cat during the day it’s probably half-asleep for the majority of time, the cat is relaxed. But when a mouse or bird comes by the cat is immediately alert, and that’s exactly the way I work. My mind is quiet - or at least I try my best to make it like that, because these days there’s a lot of work at the office - my subconscious is calm, but as soon as I’ve figured out the location I'm about to shoot, I’m focused. And I actually never worked any other way. And hopefully never will work any other way. Photography - at least for me - is about capturing the unexpected. That’s what a lot of contemporary photographers don’t understand, and that’s why a lot of it doesn’t designate because it isn’t completed for the moment... which is really important in photography, I believe.“

Roger Ballen's groundbreaking book “Outland“ just got released as a revised version by Phaidon - featuring 45 previously unpublished pictures from his archive and a new essay by Elisabeth Sussman. To celebrate this, acclaimed photographer Ballen teamed up with filmmaker Ben Jay Crossman for another trip into the darkness. If you ever wondered how the mind inside the mind will picture this world, then watch the highly disturbing short film below.