Ryan McGinley

photographs 1999-2015

If you’re happen to be in the Netherlands between may 30 - August 30 2015 then you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort, as they’re presenting a major overview of the work of Ryan McGinley in their summer exhibition.

“Over the last 15 years, Ryan McGinley’s photographs have come to symbolise what is now known as the ‘hipster’ or ‘indie’ generation. Ryan McGinley came to adulthood in the late ’90s, in the then still unruly skateboard and graffiti culture of the Lower East Side area of New York’s Downtown Manhattan. He had his first encounter with a camera as a graphic design student in 1997 and immediately began obsessively photographing everything in sight. The show will include works from every series and period in the photographer’s career, from the gritty snapshots of his early life in the urban underworld of late-1990s Manhattan right through to his recent, highly aesthetic ‘road movie’ photographs of young nudes shot amid the untamed nature of the rural United States.“

Images from top to bottom:

Coco's Cliff, 2009, 108x72cm. Private collection. Courtesy: Ryan McGinley/ Team Gallery, New York

Starry Eyes, 2013, 90x60cm. Collection Matteo Ghisalberti, Rome. Courtesy: Ryan McGinley/ Galerie Perrotin, Paris

Ivan, 2013, C-print, 60 x 90 inches. Courtesy: Ryan McGinley/ Galerie Perrotin, Paris

Jake (Cannes), 2005, 122x183cm. Collection agnès b. Courtesy: Ryan McGinley/ Team Gallery, New York