opened his sketchbook for us

Within the interactive Converse Clash The Wall project Gogoplata, Wurstbande and Rylsee are bringing your design to the wall! We're big suckers for Typography and used this occasion to meet up with Cyril Vouilloz, aka Rylsee to get to know more about him and the challenges of this project. 

He is originally from Geneva and currently living in Berlin. Rylsee is into Typography, design and mural painting. His obsession with words and hand-drawn type compositions lead also to the monthly workshop Make Your Own Sign.

How did you get into sketching Typography and signs?

Thats funny because its kinda back-to-the basics. As a kid I was trying to draw, by memory, the logos of different brands I knew. I was imitating them without any idea of typography or logo design whatsoever. Then i went more into illustration and did graffiti here and there for a few years. Then, after a few years I came back to typography, focusing on only letters: Sign-painting, hand lettering, Typography - I don’t even know how to describe it.. everything connected to letters!

What type of logos did you imitate? 

Everything. From the logo of my parents car, brand labels that were cool back in the day to various band logos.

What is the biggest challenge for Converse Clash The Wall?

The project is really interesting and I like the fact that you have to be quick. Sometimes the themes are really good and you get inspired straight way. Other entries have the weirdest theme ever, and you have to come up with a good idea that is witty, illustratable and not to complicated, as you have to do it on a wall in restrictive hours. I like, that it's pure illustration.

You have ten minutes to come up with an idea - what is your secret to be focused? 

I always try to start with a joke. If I can make myself laugh, then it must be a good idea!

Which projects are lined up?

I have had a busy 2014 so far. I had a solo show in Tel Aviv, then got invited for an art residency of the festival Springtime Delights in France and right after, I came here for the Clash Wall. Next up in June, I’m part of a show in Switzerland: Theres only six artists and L’Atlas is part of it. I’m a fan for ten years, and now we’re part of the same show. Super exited!

How was your time in Vancouver?

I just went there after finishing my studies in graphic design as I needed a break from the city of Geneva. My brother used to live in Vancouver. I visited him once and instantly liked it there. Then I met some really interesting people, that were living in an entire building full of artists. Many floors filled with art studios, a gallery, record studios and a concert space.. all barely legal. I quickly scored a studio there.

You are a resident artist at Urban Spree. What is your job description?

Good Question. Haha! I started with Urban Spree when they literally just got the building two years ago. When they explained the plans of creating a gallery and concert space to me, it looked really familiar to the thing I was working at back in Vancouver. It also reminded me of a place in Geneva called Artamis, which is basically a „mini-RAW“. I spent my whole teenage years there skateboarding, doing graffiti and other weird stuff. I felt like Urban Spree was a spot that I had to be part of. Also coming from abroad, it was interesting to be part of a project, not just have a studio here. It's an exchange: they give me the studio space and I paint signs for them, or come up with designs for T-Shirts or Stickers. I also do the non-official PR, because I talk a lot. Haha!

If you could pick super powers, what would be your choice?

Photoshop with my hands, man. (He's making imaginary selections and tapping with his fingers.) "Flick!" "Whoop!" You say something wrong to a girl - "Tack!" + " Command+Z". And, I would love to be speak all the languages of the world. Maybe the languages should go first.

What is inspiring you lately?

I think this presence right now is very inspiring. We live here for two weeks and it's like the big brother house without a camera. We have nothing else to do than to draw and paint walls.

interview by Max & JK