handmade in berlin

If the name “Savoir Joaillerie” rings a bell, you’ve probably read the fav oddz section in the latest issue of Lodown Magazine.

Savoir is a fine Jewellery brand based in Berlin. Their hand-made Gold and Silver ornaments are a refined and sensual touch that will complement your style perfectly.

Lou Andrea Savoir had this powerful desire to collaborate with different artists for the SavoirBy series, and this is how she decided to partner with the talented Jen Ray. For the occasion, Savoir has developed a limited edition of 18k White and Yellow Gold rings all inspired by Jen’s creations.

Read the interview bellow to learn more about their lovely collaboration.

Lou Andrea Savoir interviews Jen Ray:


1. What do you like most about my jewelry? 

Lou's jewelry can be both strong and delicate at the same time, I was immediately drawn to this. 

2. Feminist today = ______________________ (fill in the blank)

As I happen to be a very 'fem' feminist, I enjoy decoration of the body. However, I think of that decoration being for the pleasure of the female characters, not to attract male attention. Lou's jewelry, as it relates to my artwork, represents to me a kind of archaic time when the jewelry adorning women could be symbols of power and discernment, not just love tokens.

3. Elegant today =________________________(fill in the blank)

The definition of elegance is very slippery. 'Elegance' as a word can sound old fashioned but it's actually a very modern concept. Elegance implies a controlled use of materials for maximum effect. Though my artwork is 'maximal' and seemingly chaotic, there is always the elegance of the line throughout. It's the glue that holds everything together.