definitely not britney b*tch

Remember the name. Rina Sawayama has been climbing the ladder with stellar review after review. Her unapologetic love for pop and homages to the millenial pop culture icons of the 90s has bestowed her a playful fluidity of genre mashing that she has now become beloved for. Jumping from her daring single "STFU," a heavy-metal pop hybrid, that has since become a battle cry for the daily woes of Asian womanhood in Western lands, to the bouncy disco beat of her newest cheeky single "Comme Des Garçons," Rina has defied all industry expectations and labels. Her Oxford education shines through her sharp lyricism, striking a chord within the LGBTQ+ community and Asian-diasporic experience she proudly advocates for.

"Male confidence can quite often be a performance—in the media, in the workplace, in movies, in music and that’s what I wanted to explore with this video with Eddie and Ben. We are entering a secret and surreal lab where this masculine figure is being scanned and studied, then going on this wild journey through different versions of myself. We wanted to make a music video that’s got humour, movement and is essentially a fashion film that combined the visual worlds of Hype Williams, Hiroyuki Nakano, and Boris Vallejo.”

SAWAYAMA, her debut album, will be released on April 17th. Her tour hits the road starting on April 24th.

Vibe with "Comme Des Garçons" right below.