The latest episode of Kingpin's 'The Scene' hits the streets of London. But first make sure to check out  the first part 'The Scene: Berlin'.

"I’m talking about a vast sprawling metropolis sewn of pockets of scenes. Each scene with their own pockets and respective pocket fluff to messy up whatever canvas you might presume to sketch a rough outline of the larger image on.  However the many limbs of each scene do sprout long, grasping and interlaced, converging yet separate and distinct. It’s an intricate tapestry and a bit of a complex affair to write up. This, then, is London in 2000 words with no omissions, no glibness and certainly no oversights".

Featuring Tom Knox, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen, Snowy, Chris Jones and a hell of a lot more. The edit features Stockwell Skatepark, the infamous Southbank, the City and the streets and banks of South London. 

The video is accompanied by Jake Harris' article 'Mis En Scene'