American born street artist, activist and illustrator Shepard Fairy teamed up with Brett Novak to deliver this video. Fairy is known for his Andre The Giant stickers and his Obama “Hope” poster that he did during the 2008 campaign. 

The well-known street artist wants to make people reconsider their positions. He is one of the best known street artist, and he has a lot of influence. However, as many popular underground artists, lots of people criticise him for opening his art to everyone. In 2008 for example, when he did the “Hope” poster, people interpreted this like his departure of the underground culture. This is not how he sees it though. According to him, the Obama poster was just another message in line with his past drawings against the Irak war and the bush presidency. The activist artist looks forward to open a new dialogue with different groups of people. Hear him talk about his main purposes in art, and how it all started.