SHigeki Matsuyama

narcissism: dazzle room

Japanese artist Shigeki Matsuyama sure calls a soft spot for dazzle camouflage his own, as his latest installation of an on-going series - which he has been creating since 2013 - centered around particular pattern easily proves.

“The person in the room covered with dazzle camouflage uploads selfies to social media while surrounded by a larger self representing narcissism. In an era where much communication occurs over social media, metrics such as likes and follows fulfill our desire for recognition; however, the ease of which we can obtain validation from others leads to the growth of this desire, and we attempt to satiate it using our self-image or “larger self.” The boundary between self and self-image is unconsciously blurred by dazzle camouflage, and as a result, we ourselves cease to recognize our own boundaries.“