Skate New York

with the city's coolest crew

Vogue - also known as everybody's most favourite new skateboarding media platform of all time ever - just released a new short film by Alex Olson, which is all about having a good time, skateboarding and playing some serious hacky sack.

This whole Vogue/Skateboarding thing still feels so utterly detached from any kind of reality, it's actually a perfect fit for these alarmingly weird times we're living in.

Featuring Chris “Mango” Milic, Max Palmer, Hugo Boserup, Hjalte Halberg, TJ Robinson, Tyler Dingman, Andrew Wilson, Cyrus Bennett, Nolan Benfield, and Kohlton Ervin; with Paloma Elsesser, Camilla Deterre, Slick Woods, and more.