skating the forest

take the kids out

We got sent this clip by Redbull this morning and thought to share, because its pretty damn good skating. After taking skaters to some old natural rock formations in Utah's Moab desert landscape with Zion Wright, Barney Page, Ryan Sheckler, Alex Midler and Ryan Decenzo, this project is featuring Gustavo Ribeiro, Giovanni Vianna, Mauro Iglesias, Luiz Francisco and Ryan Decenzo ripping through a forest setup towards some do-or-die gaps! It hasn't been the first time that Redbull copied athletes into a rather unusual environment - but it looks like this concept is very much liked by the Coffein+Taurin marketing heads... bring on the spectactle, but please don't bring a skateboard to a forest, kids :)

photo: Ryan Decenzo shot by Julian Deniau.