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Slots Past Present and Future – Learn About the Slot Machines

What are some of the games that you will find in a typical casino? Slots are some of the most common games that attract many Canadian players. Charles August Fey, an American inventor, gets the credit for creating the first slot machine in 1894. The Francisco-based mechanic could create the 4-11-44 machine one year later, and its success made him quit his job to focus on the mass production of these machines. 

We now live in a world of online slots, and you may not understand how they operate. We linked up with our expert Conrad Brennan to educate us on the development of slot machines and how they operate. 

What are slot machines?

Slot machines are gambling machines that have reels and pay lines on them. These reels have symbols that determine the rewards you get after spinning the wheel. Past slots were electromechanical devices. 

However, the new slots in both online and land-based casinos are controlled by software. The random number generator (RNG) is responsible for determining the symbols displayed on the reels after every spin. Independent agencies test typical RNG software to ensure that the outcomes are random. 

Slots are the most popular games and can constitute up to 70% of the games available in a typical online casino. Players who enjoy online baccarat Canada are also fans of slots as some of them have bacccarat themes. 

Types of online slots

Classic slots 

They are the oldest types of slots you will find in a typical casino. You will also find some people calling them fruit slots, and some of the most common symbols are cherries, lemons, Liberty Bells, Poker high cards, and Lucky 7s. The play area is somehow minimalistic, but they give the players an exciting experience. The traditional classic slots have 3 reels, while the modern ones have 5 reels. 

Video slots 

These are slots that are activated with a digital button. You do not need mechanical reels and levers, like what happens in land-based casinos, as everything is done digitally. The modern video slots have five reels, even though you may find some with more. Such slots come with multiple pay lines, which increases your chances of winning. 

Virtual reality slots 

VR and AR are some of the technologies that are transforming the online gambling world. We now have VR headsets such as helmets, LED lights, and sound systems that can recreate what happens in a typical land-based casino. Thus, Canadian players can visit a casino virtually and interact with the slot machine just like what happens in a land-based casino. 

Progressive slots 

The progressive online slots borrow from their counterparts in land-based casinos. Such slots will have a progressive jackpot which will keep increasing in value until it is won. Every player who plays in a progressive slot contributes to the reward. However, it is only the lucky player who will walk away with the accumulated amount. 

Advantages of online slots
Results are random 

Cases of being cheated by an online slot are unheard of when dealing with a reputable casino. Typical casinos get their software from providers who have been in the game for years. Perfect examples of such providers are NetEnt and Microgaming. 


You no longer have to drive for hours to play your favourite slot game. The internet world makes it easy to play such games without leaving your home as long as you have an internet connection and a gaming device. 

Flexibility in stakes 

The modern slots cater to the needs of almost every player. Canadians with cents can try their luck. On the other hand, those with several dollars to risk online can also find a slot that suits their needs. 

The future of online slots

Slot machines have evolved with time. We can now see developers trying to bridge the gap between game playing and slots and expect skill-based slots to hit the market soon. We also see female-focused online slots as the game developers now appreciate that women are picking online gaming as a hobby. 

Welcome bonuses are also part of most casinos' marketing strategies as competition in this space is fierce. Live slots are also coming up where players can chat with dealers as they wait for the wheels to roll.