coast to coast

Partly inspired by Liverpool-based Useless Wooden Toys Society – a small club that meets regularly “to watch old skate videos on VHS, drink beers and maybe go for a roll“ –, the nineteenth installment of the Speisekino is all about interpreting the urban surroundings on a piece of Canadian maple: Lodown Magazine editors Sven Fortmann and Renko Heuer are going to present two quite different skate video classics originally released in 1996, Stereo Skateboards’ “Tincan Folklore” and Dan Wolfe’s “Eastern Exposure 3: Underachievers” – in other words: jazzy, laid-back styles from SF vs. hardcore, gritty NYC skating –, topped off by some Berlin footage from the early Lodown days (the magazine was established in 1995, thus celebrating its 20-year anniversary this summer). Fittingly, guests can look forward to a hearty selection of classic foods both from Berlin and the US.

Food update: Berlin's Chez Jensi came up with his own, all-new, flamin' hot EL FILPO's for this one - Grilled Peach Salsa Buletten-Tacos w/ a twist, West Coast meets Hasenheide style.

September 11, 19.00, Siemensstr. 27; 10551 Berlin.

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