Spot Delivery

Levi’s Skateboarding x Titus

In rare occasion the city plans out the perfect haven. Alternative measures must be taken into our own hands, creative juices must flow and renegade landscapers come into action. Dragging bags of concrete, mixing, shovelling until blisters are bumping up on your hands and getting knee-deep into dusty situations is called passion. The passion that runs in the veins of skateboarders to build for the sake of their freedom to ride. 

Since 2011 Levi’s Skateboarding realized outstanding DIY projects worldwide. It made sense to continue these efforts as an ongoing series to support locals and their spots. Recently Levi’s & Titus joined forces to refresh and expand skate parks in Germany. Local ideas and manpower were welcomed to full-fill more specific ideas.

Tom Kleinschmidt and Thomas Prochaska brought in their DIY-expertise on every stop and were supported from local teams. The starting point was Osnabrück’s DIY park „Mörtelland“, which entrance area received a six meter long China Bank. Within only two days this massive piece could see the light. On the next stop two Manual Pads were built as a solid starting point for a new park in Mönchengladbach, followed by additions in Düsseldorf and Kassel. DIY parks are very common under bridges to find shelter and re-interpret the given architecture. Bamberg is no exception and acquired a small transition, Wallie, Flatrail and a Pole Jam. The final stop was Mellow Park in Berlin and the building crew could complete the park with banks, a big curb cut and were able to smoothen out the rough ground. Thanks & respect.

Photos: Dennis Scholz