Steve Frykholm

Picnic Posters

There was a time when Facebook didn’t exist and flyers were incredibly useful, thus it wasn’t as easy as today to get to know about an happening, there was no other way than checking each poster on the street or in the newspapers.

Steve Frykholm started as an artist in the 1970’s by creating this kind of posters’ events to spread and promote the annual picnic of his company, the well-known Herman Miller Furniture Company.

Today Frykholm is considered as a modern classic designer and his Picnic Posters are in the permanent collections of museums all over the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

The video “Picnic Posters” goes back in time with rare archives of Steve’s sketches and stories over 40 years old. You can recognize that his style has inspired many artists such as SO ME the Ed Banger Records' graphic designer, to give only one name.