suck my trucks

girls skateboarding contest

Who said that skateboarding is for boys only? Well, it took a little time and there is still some progress, which needs to be done to put this sport on the gender equality step - but thanks to people like Anna Groß, one of the founder of «Suck My Trucks», things are moving in the right direction!

Suck My Trucks” is an association, which is mixing contests, exhibitions and other projects to bring back more equality to the skateboarding world. Indeed, at the beginning of the 1960s, skateboarding was quite fair in term of gender equality; just look at the great Patti McGee!

For the 5th time already, the “Suck My Trucks” contest is back in Berlin at Revalerstr 99 on the 25th of July. Contests will take place through the entire day, you will be able to check an exhibition about the history of women and skateboarding, as well as a small skateboard flee-market.

It definitely will be fun and you might even discover some rising stars, so don’t miss it!


From 1pm to 8pm. More info here.