at BEINGHUNTED. gallery

BEINGHUNTED. Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of SUPERBLAST / Manuel Osterholt's first solo exhibition 

“The Trees Carry The Wind Into The Forest”

April 28th – May 31st, 2016

In his work SUPERBLAST / Manuel Osterholt takes inspiration from the writings of world renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell. With his unbiased approach of excerpting, re-interpreting, and fusing religious as well as cultural symbols, the artist is creating a new, a very personal, fictional mythology altogether. For “The Trees Carry The Wind Into The Forest” Osterholt has created a series of works on canvas, paper and wood as a comprehensive overview, the status-quo of his artistic operation.

The opening reception on April 28th from 19:00 – 22: 00 at

BEINGHUNTED. Gallery - Wallstrasse 4 - 10179 Berlin