Taithí Nua

Hanscraft Co. x Jameson | Competition


The days when beer was almost automatically associated with a weird kind of restricted code are over once and for all - and a major share of this new approach certainly is owned by the manifold micro breweries which proved that you should never underestimate the soul, knowledge and innovation, the satisfaction, assistance and comfort implied in a perfectly poured glass of beer. One of those breweries is Hanscraft & Co. based in Aschaffenburg, Germany. They most definitely belong to the leading names in that field as they aren’t shying away from adding the sensation of novelty to tradition.

The latest proof goes by the name of “Taithí Nua“ (Irish for new experience) for which Hanscraft & Co. collaborated with well-known Irish whiskey Jameson in order to create a very different kind of bock beer - a light barrel aged bock that’s defined through a lovely finish, as the beer is supported with all the fine flavors Jameson’s original wooden barrels are able to provide.

To learn more about the impact particular barrels are adding to the beer’s original taste, Christian Hans Müller - the creative mind and driving force behind Hanscraft & Co. - visited Jameson’s distillery in Midleton where he met renowned head cooper Ger Buckley. Jameson on the other hand is no stranger to turn exciting new ideas into very fruitful collaborations - true to the company’s motto “Sine Metu“ (means: without fear) that’s gracing each and every bottle. The result of the collected expertise is officially available since March 29, 2017 - a one of a kind bock beer that proudly combines the best of both worlds: the malty an slighty caramel-like flavor of the beer and the subtlety stringy yet honeyed touch delivered by the barrels.

Just because specific branches are inevitably connected to tradition and its connected formulas, doesn’t mean that you can’t strike out on your own as you embrace the possibilities of new ideas. The collaboration between Hanscraft & Co. and Jameson Irish Whiskey is another fine example to emphasize this statement.

COMPETITION TIME!* We're happy to raffle five exclusively customized boxes - consisting of one bottle of “Taithí Nua“, one bottle of Jameson, as well as two ideally suited glasses. All you have to do is drop a mail to info@lodownmagazine.com with “Taithí Nua“ as the subject matter until April 7th 2017, and you might be the lucky winner. Participants need to be a) of full age and b) need to have a residential address in Germany. Good luck!  

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