Thomas campbell


Thomas Campbell evolved as an artist through skateboard culture. He shifts from a medium to another as a self-taught painter, sculpture, photographer, and filmmaker. From surf movies to sculptures, Campbell always does things differently. Known for his capacity to bring his audience to a new stage of his own artistic evolution, the California based artist now exhibits his new series in New York City. “Ampersand” is mostly composed of flamboyant paintings made with multiples colours swipes with graphics, characters and text.

Campbell exhibited in the past in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Denmark, The Netherlands, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Morocco. He did his surf surf film “The Seeding” in 1999, and then he did another one called “Sprout” in 2004, and completed his third one “The present” in 2009.  The multitasking artist is also a creative director for an independent record label “Galaxia” in Santa Cruz.

Exhibition at the Joshua Line Gallery in New York City from June 12 to July 12 2014.