Thomas Campbell

element wompus collection

The multidisciplinary artist Thomas Campbell  started to take photos, create art and make skateboard zines in his early teens. His work as photographer, artist, and editorial contributor for skate magazines in the late 1980s, was followed by 10 years as a staff writer and photographer for TransWorld SKATEboarding, which led him to work as the photo editor of Skateboarder Magazine. Of course, the co-founding and creative direction for Galaxia Records with artists like William Oldham, Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee shouldn't be left out. Campbell spent the better part of the last two decades developing his own intricate and unique artwork. An T-Cam portfolio was featured back in 1998 / Lodown #13.  Exhibitions around the world showcased the photography, paintings, sculptures and installations. His pivotal surfing films (“The Seeding,” “Sprout,” and “The Present”) reflect his deep admiration for nature. Recently, Thomas Campbell was introduced as the lead figure for the Element Emerald Collection to their expanding advocate family. Of course this is is a perfect fit as the sub-brand represents a universal movement, mentality, and way of living - just like their influencers. Thomas Campbell lives and works in Bunny Doon, California. The redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains are keeping him grounded and are the perfect backdrop for his creative work.

He just recently added a quarter pipe to his front yard to shoot these amazing photos of Brandon Westagte and Evan Smith skating “wacky shaped” skateboards fresh out of the WOMPUS collection. The WOMPUS collection continues this legacy with a wildly imaginative collection featuring custom shaped skateboards and unique apparel with art from his vibrant paintings. Check out the whole range and be inspired!

“Here is a picture of good bud Evan Smith shredding my new quarter pipe in the front yard, double grab jammy like the rip grip monster. I had the pleasure of having Evan and Brandon Westgate over for a shreddy day. We were skating the weird boards from my Element 'Wompus" collection. Evan is one of my favorite ever wildbeasts in skateboarding. What a fuckin freak, pure creation every moment. There will be a video dropping next week I think about the process of the collection and shreddy weirdnesses. This pic was taken by Brian Gaberman who is an amazing photographer. Brian was one of my young fledgling photographers when I was a photo editor at skateboarder magazine. Back then he was inspired by my wild color gel, long exposure approach to skate photography. So, when we did this shoot, he tried to emulate that old style. And of course he did it better than I ever did, because he is the man. I am constantly inspired by Brian.” 

“Brandon on an edgy piv to fakie, riding one of the new weirdo shapes from my @elementbrand “Wompus" collection - Thanx Brandon for letting me tape a rake to your head.”  – Thomas Campell

The Element Perspective project is an ever-evolving artistic platform showcasing works from Element Brand advocates, renowned guest artists & up and coming talent. Artists & photographers from all over the world come together each season to contribute to Element’s artistic legacy started over 20 years ago. The art created is showcased through the Element Brand printables & hardgoods programs, offering unique canvases and creating an ongoing gallery of compelling graphics & imagery.