Thomas Fehlmann

Los Lagos

“It was time to take a turn, follow my heart and head where the sun rises, or sets... this record epitomizes my current musical motivations, dreams and wishes.”

One of the true pioneers of electronic (dance) music returns this September at the tender age of 61 years with his 4th album for Kompakt, which sees Mr. Fehlmann on fabulous form, embracing chance and exploration with vibrant results. A colloquial greeting used between Fehlmann and friends, ‘Los Lagos’ translates literally as ‘The Lakes’ – also alluding to the album’s prevalent air of reconnoitre and striving creatively for a good place.

"To techno is to deconstruct and rebuild again, to set up an area of tension and lose it in the flow of grooves. It’s magnifying a detail out of proportion, or slowly knitting a texture. I wanted to find a structure that's surprising, disruptive and rewarding, so I switched off the control and followed my intuition. I’m trying to expand my vocabulary and bring out a new beauty. It’s a complex process of search and destroy.“

“Los Lagos“ will be released on September 7 via Kompakt on
Double Vinyl / CD.