Tornado Wallce

Midnight Mania

When was the last time you had a great acid trip? When was the last time you saw a rad 3D animation that delivers a unique handwriting? Tornado Wallace's new single “Midnight Mania“ - out today on Optimo Music - now combines the best of these two worlds via a rad video realized by Stacie Ant.

“I was half knocked out on a sleeping pill on a flight from Europe to Australia when my phone started playing an earlier draft of the track. In this fuzzy state I had a weird dream along with the music. I immediately wrote the dream down in my phone notes and kind of forgot about it until I saw it months later. Being a fan of Stacie's stuff already, I asked her if she could reimagine the dream for this music video clip. With some scenes spliced in by Martin Onassis for extra psychedelia.“ - Tornado Wallace