Cast A Shadow

Japanese born and Berlin base artist Hiroyasu Tsuri also known as TWO ONE let the Australian filmmaker Micheal Danischewski into his world for a short period of time. In this filmic portrait, the graffiti artist shared with Danischewski every details of his creative process. "Cast A Shadow" shows an intimate point of view on the artist’s work as it explores Two One’s subconscious. 

Hiroyasu Tsuri moved to Merlbourne in 2004 where he started to spread his character based painting all over the city under the name of TWOONE. Since then, he never stopped painting murals and walls under that name. In fact, it became a big part of his life as he started to travel all around the globe - He leaves his mark in every city he visits with a small street drawings to a full building size murals 

However, Two One doesn’t limit himself to the graffiti culture. He experiments new techniques and tries different materials in order to create various other work of art.
According to Hiroyasu, the studio experimentation goes hand in hand with the street painting.

Psychological portrait is series of portraits that shows human emotions and characters that exist timelessly. His characters are often represent as a animal headed human bodied creatures.