tyler the creator

cherry bomb

“Cherry Bomb” - just released on Spotify for now - is the fourth album from Tyler the Creator, if you count his web-only 2009 debut release “Bastard” (and you should!). Like a bomb, indeed, he released at the same time a – funny, weirdo – video clip from the song “Fucking Young” with four different disc sleeves and all this in the closing hours of this year’s Coachella Festival where he was present.

His album is going fast, sometimes like chaos with the heavy bass, but with some jazz sudden momentum, which is kind of a strange beauty. The album is simply stop-and-starts. It is like lush eruptions of synths and strings where the bass smashed to smithereens. It feels like a dream where you are definitely drunk. “Cherry Bomb” is far from a perfect album, but it’s a step up from “Wolf”, if only because it seems he had fun making it.

Of the 13 tracks, Kanye West and Lil Wayne appear on “Smuckers.” Other features include ScHoolboy Q and Pharrell.