United by Inspiration

by Dickies

Dickies MFG puts in some talent and launches its first ever global marketing campaign championing the dignity of work through traditional artisans and culture-drivers united by one common language; inspiration.

Building upon Dickies’ 2019 North American Yours to Make campaign, which celebrates those who love what they do and take pride in their work, United by Inspiration, United by Dickies brings to light to makers continuing to shape the future together through action, work and creative expression.

This digital-first, maker-generated content features 10 makers juxtaposing their work or passion, global locations and how each maker inspires another. The campaign features: Angelique Taylor and Kip Ritchey, American urban and rural farmers; Klipper Kem, British barber; Johannes Rathmann, German builder; Kate Duncan, Canadian furniture maker and designer; Favour Jonathan, British multidisciplinary artist; David Madero, Mexican metal sculptor; Ma Xiaolong, Chinese dancer and choreographer; Rob Maxfield, British stonemason; and Allysha Le, American professional skateboarder and member of the Dickies Skateboarding team.






The campaign features the Dickies’ Eisenhower Jacket will serve as a canvas for each maker and is featured throughout the campaign. Created in the late 1940s the Eisenhower’s simple, iconic silhouette features an easy to spot zip closure and pressed collar which are universally recognizable.

About the Dickies® Brand
Founded in 1922 in Texas, Dickies has stood alongside generations of proud workers, equipping them with the tough, durable workwear that has enabled them to make and shape our world. A brand of VF Corporation, Dickies has grown to represent a global community of people who have taken inspiration from the traditional world of work and made it their own.