unreasonable film festival

hosted by O'Neill

O’Neill just started the "unreasonable film festival” to challenge six filmmakers to re-think the surf film genre. They have been all chosen carefully for their talent, originality and previous works, to reimagine what is modern surf with their specific unique vision.

O’Neill gave the funds but had let the artists the freedom to explore surf with their own creative control and final cut.

Since the 25th of June until the 30th of July every week a new video will be post online on their vimeo channel. Steven Briand  opened the ceremony on June 25th featuring the Team O’Neill professional surfer Malia Manuel. Check the video below and Get ready, it's gonna be extreme !

1st video by Steven Briand:


2nd video by Andy Roth:


The filmmakers selected for this project include: Steven Briand (France), Stefan Nadelman (USA), Ellis Bahl (USA), Oliver Würffell (Germany), Andy Roth (UK) and Johan Perjus (Sweden).