dissolving europe

Save the date! Open Walls Gallery invites you to Berlin's Platoon Kunsthalle on December 14 for the premiere of Berlin based artist Vermibus' - who gets elaborately featured in Lodown 89 - new video by the name of “Dissolving Europe“.

“Dissolving Europe“ is the new body of work that stormed Europe earlier this year by artist, Vermibus. Using the infamous means of travel for young students, Vermibus set out with a dubious inter-rail ticket along with his videographer, Xar Lee and photographer, Thomas von Wittich, a set of 90 homemade keys and his pallet of solvents to physically and temporally highjack advertisements of the western world in the name of fine art.

Platoon Kunsthalle / Saturday, December 14th / 7pm / free admission / introduction speech starts at 8.30pm