Vesselroom Project #1


Vesselroom Project inaugurates its new trajectory with “#1”, a fanzine and artist book exhibition.

Featuring Edie / No.Zine Collective / Javi Godoy / Ricky Adam / Sergej Vutuc / Dark Entries Records / Maycec / Johnny Mullen / Blek / Mujeres Con Pajarita / Mékanik Copulaire / Pia-Melissa Laroche / Lloyd Stubber / Errratum / Ruth Mc Millan / Liam Ashley Clark / Black Mountain Books / Lubok Verlag / Distruktur / Bezoule / Riccardo Nava / Elektrika Pancevo / Kylam / Matt Martin / Ángela Losa / Zocalo fanzine / Brais Gen / Crummy House / Berto Fojo / Andres Magan / Manuel Donada / Daniele Milvio / Matteo Nasini / Igor Sovilj / Nicola Pecoraro / Fennec Jackal / Davide Stucchi / Lorenzo Bernet / Ediciones Valientes  / Javier Lozano / Homo Velanime

Since their inception, Zines and artist books are one of the most prolific media for experimentation. With innovative approaches and unconventional motifs, self-publishing books have become a melting pot, a flexible format open to all disciplines. Independence is one of their main characteristics, conferring them an authentic persona, a distinctive feature that makes them unique.

The zines displayed here, offer a trajectory throughout a variety of subjects and conceptions. Their common ground is their constant renewal, their spirit of enquiry, their aim to surpass the standard and embrace the extraordinary. Accompanying the books, Lucie Corot will show a site-specific piece that connects her drawing to her zine. Thus building up a bridge between the two parts, jumping out the paper to be immersed in the gallery discourse, while embodying the versatility of both media.

In connection with his photozines and bookobjects, Sergej Vutuc will present a performance on the opening night.

#1 introduce the programs: Vesselroom Library and Vesselroom Specific. The first one devoted to enhance the visibility of the fruitful landscape of fanzines and artist books, and the promotion of self-edition and independent publications. Whereas the second is committed to the expansion of the limits of the art gallery and the exploration of new possibilities in the art gallery conventions.

Opening: Saturday, 1st of March 2014, 7 p.m