static nineties

V i d e o  D i a y s  on your screen. Francisco Saco in the control room. Four years of Hi-8 and Super 8 in the making. That special analog vibe, while he projects the contrasting Costa Rican and European skate scenes on a post-colonial backdrop. Experimental urban wildlife packed in "selfish" 45 minutes. Wait, did I hear the nostalgic hissing of the 90s? 

No, the Video Diays Dating Service is calling: "It's for you!"; Silence. Static. All connections broke down.

We'll definitely hear more from Francisco. There are rumors about the upcoming short film "Forecast". And also the feature length "Send Me Out" is ready to drop soon, which is shot entirely in Iceland and could be a one-man recreation of "Glengarry Glen Ross" from what we’ve heard.

But for now, as Francisco puts it: "Here it be: the long awaited Video Diays full length presentation! Join the Explorers as they make their way across a perilous land of wonder and enchantment. Its a total tapescrape fest! / Al fin: la presentación del largometraje Video Diays! Acompaña a los Exploradores por una tierra peligrosa llena de encanto y misterio. Es una feria de tomas rayadas!"

Check out his latest projects: The shooting and editing of Roberto Cuellar's Sic Semper & the edit of "Frost" by World Collapse: