Viet Cong

continental shift

“We built the buildings and they’re built to break“. When Women guitarist Christopher Reimer surprisingly died in his sleep in early 2012, one of the most exciting bands that came out of Canada in quite some time was history due to this tragedy. Two years later two other key members of this band - Matt Flegel and Mike Wallace - return as the enigmatic Viet Cong in order to cause some serious damage with their breathtaking mix of post punk, psych, noise and the occasional odd Blade Runner reference. Recorded in rural Ontario with Holy Fuck’s very own Graham Walsh, their self-titled album is one of those beasts that overwhelms you with its harshness and general iciness at first, but unexpectedly will reward you with great melodies and electrocuted thousand-watt hooks once you’re not feeling that menaced anymore.

Get a first taste below. Their self-titled debut album will be released on January 30, 2015 via Jagjaguwar.