Still Burning…

Born from a need to challenge the status quo, and to connect with big city lifestyle and tastes, enter Slowburn, Volcom’s lead European spring 18 capsule.

Punk, metal and rock and roll ain’t the first musical genres to be defined by anti-establishment undertones… In the 1920’s Jazz and Swing were the original counter culture musical genres. Slowburn’s lit match draws reference from the smoky, dark underground world of red velvet jazz clubs at the turn of the prohibition era.

Coupled with this sentiment of early anti-establishment revelations, the styling of the capsule is lead from 60’s and 70’s vintage stores. loose fitting, vintage washes, soft hand fabrics, authentic fit and feel invoke a holiday and comfort feeling.

Jamie Brown provided the artwork for this collection, using the Jazz house, coffee culture, smoky swing halls and vintage fabrics as a main point of reference. Slowburn’s color palette embraces the easy to wear theme perfect for spring.

With roots in misfit culture and the subtle rebellious nature of the collection Slowburn maintains a strong connection to skateboarding as more of a shared base of ideals than the sport itself. 

The mentality of Slowburn is a lazily raised middle finger to the status quo, reaffirming the fact that Volcom isn’t meant to please everyone.

Make sure to check the follow up interview with Julien Politi - the designer of the collection.

* photography ©baignade studio

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