Wakeskate Vibes

Summers of the rich and priviledged

Thirteen years ago Scott Byerly began a revolution that shaped the state of wakeboarding/skating today. Through all this, however, Scott Byerly always chose his own path. When the industry was headed one direction, he chose another. Today we not only owe Scott for Wakeboarding's popularity but also wakeskating and everything in between. It is Scott's pioneering spirit that inspires the Byerly Wakeboard Brand and Byerly Wakeskates Brand. Product with never-before-seen features built to Byerly standards. Finally a dream comes true.....and a Legacy carries on. Byerly Wakeskate Series.

Byerly Boardsn - 2017 Wakeskates from Byerly Boards on Vimeo.

The Native series is built specifically for the well-rounded wakeskater that sessions features at the cable, their favorite winch spot or even behind the boat.


• Shaped by Scott “Butch” Bouchard
• 12 Ply Epoxy Wood Construction
• Concave Top
• Sintered Enduro Base
• New Sidewall Profile
• ABS Sidewall
• Blended 3 Stage Rocker
• Variable Edge Bevel
• Griptape Top