waves in the city

Paris Surf City

Waves in the City” is the company who runs the ambitious project to create a surfing spot in Paris for summer 2016. A complex for surfers, created by surfers.

Besides a coffee bar, a surf museum and a skatepark, the main attraction certainly will be the outdoor wave, made from the Wavegarden technology. This special wave is supposed to be powerful, glassy and tubular. Even if the wave will not be higher than one meter fifty, “this kind of wave is perfect and permit to repeat the technics to infinity” confirmed the professional female surfer Pauline Ado.

The company values numbers between 180 000 and 650 000 of Parisians amateurs who would be interested in this future spot. Waves in the City already plan to create similar complexes in other cities. First, let’s see how the Parisians will welcome this project.

Few years ago Berlin was supposed to become a surfing spot as well, did anyone see the wave?