West LA Courthouse Unlocked

presented by Eric Koston

The LA Courthouse, better known as Santa Monica Courthouse first started getting skated in the late 1980s. The historic landmark for skateboarding was a go-to spot with a multitude of ledges, a four stair set, fountains to do tricks into and the famous stage. A good share of nineties skateboarding (Goldfish, Trilogy, 411VM, ) was documented at this iconic spot.

Thanks to Nike Skateboarding, Alec Beck & Aaron Snyder the Courthouse can be legally skated again! Freshly painted and un-knobbed ledges are now buttery smooth, the stairs and stage are welcoming you plus Geoff McFetridge graced the stage with a huge black& white mural.
In the video below Eric Koston gives us a guided tour of the newly-liberated historic West LA Courthouse, while Trevor Colden, Daryl Angel and Karsten Kleppen pump some tricks as well. Koston’s “Goldfish” part shows the spot in it’s old glory and shouldn’t be missing here. Check the Manual compilation at the stage and Ronnie Creager’s Trilogy part for bonus points.
Visit the West LA Courthouse: 1633 Purdue Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025