Charity at Studiolo

After a one-year hiatus, Studiolo Berlin is finally back. Studiolo Berlin re-opens its doors on Friday, August 2, 2019 to the public with the one-night-only charity exhibition WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND in the Aufbau Haus at Moritzplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

DATE: Fr. 02.08.2019
OPENING: STUDIOLO Berlin presents: „WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND“ a charitable art exhibition
TIME: 18-22h
MUSIC: Spittbrothers (Mr.Pepe) + Monkeyman
WO: STUDIOLO Berlin, Prinzenstraße 85C, 10969 Berlin (Moritzplatz AUFBAU HAUS)

Since we believe in karma, that is, in the fact that all our actions and thoughts trigger a reaction, we are particularly pleased to resume our work with a charitable art event. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND is an exhibition displaying ART WORKS by outstanding Berlin-based artists, designers and photographers priced at ONLY 100 EURO EACH. All artworks can be directly bought off the wall and taken home.

The purchase will benefit a good cause and change the lives of other to the better. All sales go entirely to the non-profit association One Happy Family - Community Center, Lesvos, which has the goal to help refugees and lead and operate the community center of the same name on the Greek island of

Michael Sailstorfer, Ahmet Ogut, Raul Walch, Larissa Fassler, Annett Zinsmeister, Selam X, Julius von Bismarck, Michael Najjar, Brad Downey, Christian Hoosen, Clemens Behr, Conny Maier, Rebecca Raue, Jeewi Rosa Lee, Billie Sara Clarken, Mischa Leinkauf, Marek Polewski, Thomas Marecki aka MAROK, Hannah Hallermann, Lennart Brede, Bettina Krieg, SuperBlast, Somethingfantastic., Roman Goebel, Monja Gentschow, Sebastian Bissinger, Mariangela Beccoi, Jonathan Schmidt-Ott, Lukas Feireiss, Andreas Gehrke, Peter Lorenz, Carmi Grau, Conrad Bauer, Daniele Ansidei, Benjamin Pfau, Jule Waibel and many more!

One Happy Family - Community Center, Lesvos is a community center on the Greek island of Lesvos. Lesvos is, due to the close distance to Turkey, an important waypoint for people fleeing from wars and crises in the Middle-East and Africa. These people stay on the island for many month, as the EU-Turkey deal hinders the continuation of their journey to the mainland. Because of the severe human rights situation in Turkey, they can also not be sent back in most cases. The One Happy Family community center, which is growing steadily and welcomes several hundred people every day, fills gaps which have been created by insufficient humanitarian aid and lack of governmental intervention. It’s aim is to give a piece of dignity and self-determination back to the thousands of people which are stuck on Lesvos. In the center, there are many projects, which have been built upon request and initiative of the refugees.

Special thanks to: Electrified Magazin E-Mobility.Culture.Lifestyle / Schweppes / Warsteiner / Jägermeister / Wildcorn / Rock-Paper Moritzplatz for drinks and food