Why I Want To Fuck Donald Trump

a group show

New York's very own Joshua Liner Gallery invites you to a very special kind of group show this autumn. Curated by Alfred Steiner, “Why I Want To Fuck Donald Trump“ will open October 13, and run concurrently with the 2016 presidential election.

“This curated group of artists thematically tied to JG Ballard’s 1967 essay “Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan”, will be a visual discussion of this satirical piece which not only predicted Regan’s presidency, but in many ways, Donald Trump’s candidacy. Using Ballard’s essay as a springboard for political discourse, Why I Want to Fuck Donald Trump includes numerous artists whose work collectively comments on the intersection of American politics and the over-sexualized cult of celebrity, as well as the sensationalism surrounding politics, crystallized in this election.“

Exhibiting artists include Aaron Johnson, Alfred Steiner, Ana Wolovick, Andrew Schoultz, Brian Andrew Whiteley, Damien Davis, David Levinthal, Eric Yahnker, Jonathan Yeo, Kris Kuksi, Lamar Peterson, Michael Kagan, Patrick Meagher, Rebecca Goyette, Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, Tim Davis, Tom Sanford, William Powhida and Zach Gage.