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The art world is too messy for you? Junge Kunst Berlin highlights the exibitions you definitely can’t miss in 2016:

Daniel Schwarz / Solo exhibition                                          Daniel Schwarz,  liberal arts graduate at the academy for painting, is known for his seemingly symbolic dream worlds, influenced by romintic fantasy and a huge passion for painting. Opening is on the 22nd of January.

Willem Julius Müller/ Exibition                                          Willem Julius Müller shows his reality, which is  rich in contrast, with empty rooms, abandoned architecture and surreal worlds. The exibition takes place from the 31.1 - 28.2.

Regina Nieke/ catalog                                                                  "The Figurative Element“ is the name of the catalog by Regina Nieke which is going to be published by the end of January. Her current exibition at the gallery Alte Schule is opened for visitors until the 16th january.

Junge Kunst Berlin/ Group exibition                                       On February, 26th the next group exibition of Junge Kunst Berlin opens in the Brunnenstr. 190 in Berlin.

For lovers, there is still the opportunity to visit the artists studios and explore their new works.