imago exhibition

Adolescence is about pushing the envelope in any way possible - because that’s basically the only way to find out how or if you want to fit in - and that’s exactly why it is so easy to take the wrong turn. Acclaimed Polish photographer Zuza Krajewska’s ongoing project “Imago“ takes you behind the walls of a borstal in Studzieniec, a very small place located south west of Warsaw. This particular borstal plays home to teenage boys, who experimented with adulthood and decidedly pushed the aforementioned envelope way too far to very tragic results. 

Now her celebrated project has been tuned into a stunning exhibition, which will be on display at Warsaw's Griffin Art Space between September 17 - 25, 2016. Even better yet: a charity auction will be held during the opening ceremony where you'd be able to get your hands on original work of Krajewska - the proceeds then will be donated to the J. Wieczorkowski Youth Detention Centre in Studzieniec.