turn up the heat

Count: 2-6-4!
Low end waves might cause quakes which will set off sand storms. Don’t lose your faith though. If you follow the hyperlinks and chains of remix reactions they’ll take you straight to the international Bass mafia. You’ll be safe with them. Turn up the volume, close your eyes and you will probably end up in a club oasis throbbing away somewhere at the heart of Dubai. Now you’ll finally get to meet the 264 Cru.

264 have carved out a nice spot for themselves in the scene. They’re technically based in Dubai, but individual members can be spotted hopping around parties all over the world – usually in the company of other bass-pedalling high-rollers. The collective organises parties, they DJ, produce, host radio shows and even have their own label.  Aeli’s “Late Future Calls Remixed” marks their third official release. The EP features remixes by Daedelus, Deft, Known V.A., Kobra, Nasrawi. Each taking Aeli’s originals into another part of club land. No two versions are remotely alike and neither sound anything like the source material. Bass junkies get your fix here.