by volcom

New money transforms our cities into exchangeable backdrops, until the loud has drowned the silence once and for all. A few areas around the town centers though remain rough and gritty as if they’re unimpressed by the hype and glamour. Volcom’s new range “Abandoned Playground“ now plays tribute to these specific urban areas which still play host to new avenues for creativity - whether that be through skateboarding, art or music - and different perspectives beyond the usual norms. The standard city dweller won’t necessarily recognize these parts as something significant while others regard it as a blank canvas that can be used on the whole for a means of expression - through skating.

“Abandoned Playground“ draws a strong reference from this particular skate culture and offers a range of neutral tones reminiscent of the urban environment from which it was born. There are nods to 90s colour blocks, to the early 90s grunge scene, as well as to the functionality of the military and workers pallete, resulting in a collection that is designed for those who won’t conform.