Absolut Art

German Website Launch

Like music, fashion, film and food of late, contemporary art is a quintessential tessera of what we understand as pop culture today. And while people embrace and love to be opinionated about the first-listed terms - as they’re accepted as integral accessories of our everyday life - there’s still this kind of irrational reservation and feeling of intimidation to things labeled as art. Luckily Absolut Art is here to change that.

AbsolutArt.com is the latest addition to art-related projects within the Absolut family, and the next logical step for a company that’s strongly related to creative craftsmanship since thirty years already. Since its launch in 2014 Absolut Art soon established itself as an ambitious online destination where carefully curated talent isn’t only introduced but actually democratized since selected artwork is accessible for each and everyone.

November, 2015 sees the launch of the German website of Absolut Art, where signed and numbered editions of outstanding artworks from artists like Gregor Hildebrandt, Ali Kepenek, Joep van Liefland, Thomas Dozol - to name just a few - will be available at rates accessible for basically each and everyone. Even better yet: these unique pieces of art will reach the lucky buyer eco-friendly wrapped, framed and ready for hanging within two to four days.

The German launch, being a collaboration between Absolut Art and established curators Francesca Gavin and Nadim Samman, is guaranteed that forthcoming editions will equally hit the spot.

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