acid dann 'the quest of perception'

Some months ago we accidentally stumbled over „Arrive Without Travelling“, a fabulous mix by St.Petersburg DJ and musician Acid Dann (Danil Glazyrin) which was a far out neo trance monster extraordinaire - we instantly needed to have him on our Mixtape Monday roster!

At the early age of 13 Acid Dann started experimenting with 3-reel tape recorders, old soviet turntables, acoustic guitars and a broken video console, creating his own little soundscapes, which led him now into running his own label Acid Rainbow, producing, remixing and DJing. His sound traces the intersections of electronica, kraut, vintage arp synths, space, ambient, techno and lots of psychedelic elements topped with a good slice of samples from documentary movies and whatever he finds to take you out into altered realities.