The Alchemy Blues Project

by Amsterdams Blauw

The Alchemy Blues Project tells the story of four graphic designers who are very passionate for denim and the city of Amsterdam, as the project is presented by Blauw - the denim collection of Amsterdam based Scotch & Soda.

Inspired by the theme, the four basic elements of alchemy - air, earth, wind and fire were reflected. Alchemists strive to turn base materials into something noble as silver and gold, each designer re-imagined & customized one Japanese selvedge trucker jacket into an individual style piece. The fifth piece was created as a group effort of all four and went into production. 

We would like to focus on the design of Sabine Voorderhake: To kick off the Alchemy Blues project, Sabine dove into alchemy and science to find out what it exactly is and what the different symbols stand for. The final design of her Alchemy Blues jacket holds a snake in an infinity shape, which refers to rebirth and eternal life. The big hexagram holds different symbols and layers, referring to the elements. 

Be part of the private preview party on August, 14th in Berlin!
Lodown is raffling two times two spots on the guest list: Just write an e-mail to bug (at) with your full name and the subject “Alchemy Blues”.