Andres Borghi


When you go on your Facebook page do you think about what happens to your profile when you die? Well, most of the people don’t think about it, but Facebook did.

From now on you can designate a friend to manage your account after you die, which then either becomes a nostalgic/sad/creepy window where your friends will post memories of you - or you can leave a note to your wonderful friend that you’re more than happy if your profile will be deleted.

Indeed, social media became an important part of the everyday life for the majority of us, with each profile - from Facebook to Pinterest - being a part of your personality.

The Argentinian director Andres Borghi just released a short horror movie that reflects on how social media influences our lives. The continued life of individual social media profiles after the death of their owners is really serious and can damage the still alive ones. “Alexia“ tells the story of a young man dealing with his grilfriend’s death through Facebook and the connected fulminating difficulties...

It’s more effective than any full-length feature film. Just turn off the light and watch.