Black Collection

Pause, reset, and break free. 

Staying true to its Japanese heritage through a dedication to high quality craftsmanship, ASICS introduces the JYUNI Black Collection, adding a unique appeal to the everyday workout.


ASICS (Anima Sana In Corpore Sano) has always been dedicated to sports and fitness to foster, not only physical health, but mental health and self-awareness. With a determined nod towards the future, the JYUNI Collection is integrating the aspect of daily life into their performance-geared philosophy. 

JYUNI stands for “twelve” in Japanese and represents the structure of time and the restraints that come with it. The graphics, bearing a hexagon, incorporates all of ASICS’ design values: original, advanced, proactive, authentic, intuitive, and enthusiastic. The design ethos of ASICS and the approach for the upcoming collection is strongly linked to Japanese craft. This traditional concept merges art with functionality, making art and design an integral part of everyday life. Taking these cues from Japanese heritage and combining it with the country’s affinity for craftsmanship is the basis for the new collection.

Fashionable, functional, and effortless are the key words for the cohesive minimalist line that is dropping worldwide on the first of June at carefully selected outlets in limited quantities.