GEL-KAYANO EVO ‘Origami Pack’

ASICS Tiger have worked with Andy Rementer to create this unique city-inspired illustration and series of animations to celebrate the GEL-KAYANO EVO ‘Origami Pack’.

The GEL-KAYANO EVO were introduced last year as a lightweight lifestyle remix of the classic GEL-KAYANO launched in 1993, that was pioneering cushioning and comfort for “the serious high-mileage runner.” These sneakers will rest your feet on a super comfy GEL mid-sole and support you with the characteristic mono-sock and heel counter. The upper of the EVO is streamlined to reflect a more relaxed style and results in a beautiful, modern simplicity. The origami pack comes in four color ways including knockout pink, monaco blue, green and dark grey fusing the sophisticated jacquard origami pattern.

Designer Toshikazu Kayano: “It was 1992 and I was assigned to develop a new high performance shoe with a fresh design and the latest technology. The final design was actually a sketch I drew on a napkin during a late team dinner. The design concept came from stag beetles that I’ve loved since I was a kid.. The feet constantly move horizontally during training, so I used plastic for the stripe on the upper to support the heel, much like the shell of a stag beetle.”

Renowned American artist, Andy Rementer was growing up in a Victorian beach town. He loves hand made typography, vintage colors, and flea market finds. In result Andy developed a style characterized by a polished formal simplification and the use of a bright color palette, reminiscent of illustrated children’s stories, that evokes the memory of a lost innocence. 

The figure he designed for the campaign “ONE WITH THE CITY” puzzles various illustrations of interesting places reflecting Berlin, London, Madrid, Milan, Amsterdam & Paris.