competition time

In these fast moving times we're living in, it seems to be deeply rooted in the DNA of the modern human being to replace what worked with what sounded allegedly good. Means: we fuck our own social history over and over again, in favor of the next soulless big thing whose half-life actually isn’t significantly longer than the impulse that made us fall for it. Luckily five longterm friends from Berlin are the living, breathing, sweating, shouting and music making proof that you can still slowly but steadily grow without neither negating progression nor where you come from. In other words: Beatsteaks just turned twenty years old, showing all the non-believers that a lot of good love can actually happen within two decades.

Since we’ve turned twenty years old this very year as well, we thought it’s a good opportunity to make Santa arrive a bit earlier than expected, as we give away three rad looking and insanely limited Levi’s jeans jacket, which got customized by Beatsteaks frontman Arnim.

All you have to do to is to write a mail to with “Beatsteaks“ as the subject matter until Friday 18th of December... and with a lil’ luck it will be your fine name which then gets pulled out of Santa’s reliable bag of gifts. Don't forget to add your name, address and size. Fingers crossed. And have a wicked one.


*yes, you have to go to the newsstand and buy it.

Photography by Timmy Hargesheimer