Builders Club

original fake

“We met Robert a year ago. It was during a hike deep in the woods, where he did some research for his new installation," says Jonas Hegi and Julien Simshauser, directors at Builders Club. “After introducing each other, we were really surprised that so little is known about him. Gladly, he gave us access to his archives. It became obvious to us to make a film about him.”

Andy Warhol probably said it best: “Robert's work is beautiful. Everybody's plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic." If you haven't heard of outstanding artist Robert Rushkin yet, it is because he tends to be a rather reclusive person. And if you then ask yourself how it's actually possible that his mind-bending work never made it on your radar, then it is pretty certain that the guys behind Builders Club did an excellent job with this brilliant mockumentary. Check it out below.