steps up the game

Burton is stepping up the snowboarding game with the most intuitive boot to binding connection for riders of all abilities. There has been a couple efforts in the past for strapless easy access bindings from different companies, but this one is the first convincing one as Burton dedicated a whole team and loads of time to re-engineer the idea and make it tight. Just drop out of the lift, click in and off you go. Of course you save loads of time, keep your butt dry and be conveniently comfy. 

Definitely worth mentioning is, that Step On opens the door to a lot more fun and dork tricks inspired by skateboarding: Hippy Jumps, Footplants, One Foots, .. or just being able to simply push, if the extra speed is needed while you're cutting through somewhere.

During the product test Mikkel Bang & Hitsch were really hyped on the binding and are looking forward to the new possibilites and convenience. Shredd on!