CDR Berlin with TAMA SUMO, LAKUTI, SASSY J + DEGO (2000Black/4Hero)

Thursday, 5 June 2014 at 19:00

CDR Berlin & J.A.W. present
20H: workshops with
DEGO (2000Black / 4Hero)
DJ-SET: SASSY J (Patchwork, Bern)
OPEN CDR - submit your tunes to hear them during the night

If you ever have the immense pleasure of meeting Kerstin Egert aka TAMA SUMO, you won’t soon forget her radiant ebullience or her buoyant hugs. Her wide smile shines just as brightly in conversation as it does from behind the decks, where she can always be counted on to share a personal, variable, and downright bodacious mix of tunes that cut straight to your emotional core. Despite almost two decades of experience as a DJ and resident for some of the world’s most well-known and respected clubs (from Tresor to the old Ostgut to her current residence at Berghain/Panorama Bar), Egert — alias Tama Sumo — didn’t really step into the global spotlight until 2008 when her first release on appeared Ostgut Ton (produced in partnership with Prosumer). Since then she has frequently been touring the world. (text: LWE)

TAMA SUMO´s wife LAKUTI is a South African born DJ, booking agent, label boss, promoter and general industry all-rounder. Her name is perhaps most closely linked with Sud Electronic, the London party and label she ran alongside Portable. She is also the head of Uzuri, an imprint she began in 2007 which has since grown to include a booking agency, representing New York house artists like Fred P, DJ Qu and Levon Vincent alongside a dozen or so others. Although she's been based in Europe since 1997, Lakuti got her house music education growing up in Johannesburg. She became involved in the city's thriving scene during the 1990s, attending clubs like the highly influential 4th World and parties in warehouses right across the city. A few years ago Lakuti moved to Berlin and we are very happy to have her and Tamo Sumo at our June session. (text: RA)

As the head of the enegmatic 2000Black imprint and revered as one of London’s most important musical visionaries, DEGO continues to pioneer forward-thinking soulful music across all tempos and is never restrained by genre, only influenced by quality. Recognized as an Award-Winner, Tastemaker, Songwriter, International DJ and genre defying Music Producer, Dego focuses on generating and performing soulful sounds that often forge into the unknown territories of Black music. Making genre guidelines obsolete, Dego has subsequently heavily influenced the evolutionary course of underground Electronica and the Electro Soul sound. 

SASSY J is a DJ, music lover, promoter, DIY designer and illustrator. She has been pooling global sounds with her Patchwork Night for the last 9 years. Doing it strictly for the love of music – whether it is her choice of line-up or her selections as a DJ. Its the pure quality music she’s drawn to, no limits, but bringing it all together: a mystical musical journey through time and space, steady following her heart. Sassy J participated at the Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne. Since then she was invited to play her sets at London’s Plastic People, Benji B’s Deviation Night, Barcelona’s Sonar Festival or the Worldwide Festival in Sète. Getting vibes from Eglo Records, 2000Black’s Dego, Benji B or The Trilogy Tapes, collaborating with other like minded promoters on projects like the Stride Night or the Stadtmusik Festival in Switzerland,as well as designing the sought-after sweatshirts, shirts and jackets, Sassy J is steady busy making those Patchwork dreams come true.