Flag The Creamy Future

Cella. Remember the name! And remember that we done told you to do it, too. The kid is young (clocking in at a modest 19 solid), but he’s already coming hella hard with his productions. Well, maybe not exactly hard, cause his style is pretty damn smooth and liquid – so maybe lets say that he throws it down kinda creamy. His latest offering, an EP entitled Prologue, which just dropped a couple of weeks back on Quartz Records, is already making decent waves. Give it a minute, or two, and you can probably holler: SURF’S UP! 

We were kinda curious where this fella’s heart is at and where it is exactly that he’s coming from, so we threw a few questions at him. Check what the man said below. (And WARNING: if you’re over 30, or a vinyl junkie or you smoke copious amounts of weed, you just might get a bit of shock there !)


New York or Berlin?
I’'ve been to both and I have to say that I like New York more. Although I was pretty young when I visited them, and didn't’ have a chance to really check out their nightlife and their creative scenes, I liked the vibe of New York much more. There’’s just something about those American cities that gives me an urge to create something new and to just go for it. If I had to move to one of them, NY would be my choice.

Vinyl junkie or a spotify kid? 
I would definitely call myself a spotify kid, given that I’’ve never been to a record store, except that one time in LA where I visited Amoeba. But I have a huge rock vinyl collection, that I found in our attic. All the records belong to my dad and my mum. I got myself a turntable as soon as I found them, and I listen to them now and then. Most of them were made before I was even born, which is pretty crazy. I also tried to sample some of the records which ended with some pretty interesting results because rock songs usually don’t get sampled that often. 

Push or MPC?
Neither. I’’ve never really been a fan of external controllers. I used to buy some of them, but ended up not even touching them. In the end, I always return to just sticking my head into Ableton and programming everything with a mouse and a keyboard. I’t’s pretty unromantic but it just ended up to be my most comfortable work-flow.

Weed or liquor?
For me it definitely has to be liquor. But I can’’t use neither of them for writing music. If I’m drunk, I don’’t know what I’m doing, and if I’m high, I don’t do anything. Both of those scenarios suck. But if I’m out partying I most definitely prefer liquor. I get super hyped and have a lot of fun. I really don’t like to smoke weed. I always get really tired and just lie on the couch like a potato.  

Graff or Street Art?
I would pick street art because it just has a more serious approach. Although it’s pretty hard to differentiate those two sometimes. What I don’t like about Graffiti is that 90% of them are stuck in time and still have the same old style, like back in 1970 when the art of graffiti was established. I respect the culture, but I just don’t really care about it. Street art seems to be more visually appealing to me. I’m also studying graphic design which makes me appreciate it more, when people put a lot of effort and time into their art.

Moonlight or Blade Runner 2049?
I’'ve got to say that I am the least movie crazy person on this earth. I think the last time I went to a cinema was like 1 year ago. I watched Moonlight. I didn’’t watch Blade Runner. Not the old, nor the new one. But Moonlight was pretty cool. I really liked the visual appearance and the soundtrack of the Movie. And I have to admit, that the story was very special compared to other movies I’’ve seen lately. 

Tyler or Kendrick?
This is actually the hardest one for me. Their basically my two favourite rap artists of all time. I got to know Tyler by playing “Saints Row 3” back in 2011. “Yonkers” was one of the songs that you could play in the car radio. I just thought to myself „“This guy has the oddest voice ever““. I dug a little deeper into his discography and found songs like „“Answer““ and „“Treehome95““ which I absolutely adore till this day. „“Answer““ being one of my favourite rap songs of all time. Tyler always had this beautiful mixture between his deep aggressive voice and really pretty chords and melodies. Kendrick on the other hand got me with „„To Pimp A Butterfly““. I knew some songs of of  „“Good Kid, Maad City““ but never listened to more of Kendrick’s music. But as soon as TPAB came out I absolutely fell in love with Kendrick’s music. Songs like „“How Much A Dollar Cost““  „“Complexion““ and „„The Blacker The Berry““ are masterpieces in my opinion. „Complexion“ has a second part with Rapsody which I LOVE. But what I have to admit is, that I was very disappointed with „DAMN“. The only songs I liked of the album were „“FEEL““ and „“FEAR““. Till this day I don’t understand why Kendrick choose to make a trap album, after we had like 2 years of trap music only in the charts. Before „DAMN“ was released, I hoped that Kendrick wouldn’t go with the trend. But I was let down. And that’s why I have to pick Tyler. Because his new Project „“Flower Boy““ sounds way more musically appealing to me. „“Garden Shed““ and „“November““ are my favourite Songs on the record.

Tomorrow or yesterday? 
Tomorrow. Who cares about yesterday? As an artist in, not just music, but any creative field you are always on a hunt for the next big thing. That’s what makes me wake up in the morning. That’s what  keeps me excited. That’s what keeps me motivated.